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1题: He____his feet on the ground to shake off the snow
from his boots before he entered the house.

2题:They have to()production for lack of raw materials.
A.cut across
B.cut in
C.cut off
D.cut back

3题:The old man was seriously ill for a time,but with careful nursing he man
aged to().
A.pull off
B.pull through
C.get off
D.get through

4题:A women has to be ()a man to go half as far
A. twice as good as
B. as twice good as
C. twice good as
D. twice so good as


6题:Jenny advised me to have a () of brandy because it will make me less nervous.
A. bite
B. lick
C. sip
D. touch

7题: It will be hard for anyone to replace Mr. Ned,who is the()of the company.

8题: The kid is reaching()a bottle from the shelf when I came in.


10题: The wedding ring is a symbol of____love,because a circle has no beginning or end.


12题:He went by____his bicycle a few minutes ago.

13题:The two statements are not consistent()each other.One of them must be false.

14题:there are altogether 10 mistakes,one in each numbered line.You may have to chang
e a word,add a word or delete a word.If you change a word,cross it out and write
the correct word in the correspondig blank.If you add a word,put an insertion m
ark (∧) in the right place and write the missing word in the blank.If you delet
e a word,cross it out and put a slash (/) in the blank.
The world is running out of oil,and energy experts believe that there could be serious shortages in ten years' time.Not only is each individual using more oil than ever before,as the standard of living in industrial countries arises,but the 71____
population explosion means that each year many more people will be using oil in some form or other.Until recently we took oil as granted:it seemed it would never stop flowing.It was so 72.____
cheap and plentiful that the whole world came to depending on 73.____
it.Governments neglected other sources of energy.Electricity was generated from oil and power stations were fired by it. It found its way into much of the products of light industry. 74.____
Many people are surprising when they learn how many items 75.____
in their homes contain oil.The increase in the price of oil has brought the world to its senses.Governments are searching 76.____
a suitable alternate,but so far in vain.They are considering 77.____
how they can make better use of the two other major fuels,
coal and natural gas,but they have found that neither can take place 78.____
of oil in their economies.In recent years there has been a growing concern for the enviornment,and coal is a popular fuel 79.____
with environmentalists.Coal mines are ugly,and their development has a serious effect on animal and plant life; coal itself is a heavy pollution. 80.____

15、16、17、18、19题:By far the most common snake in Britain is the adder. In Scotland, in fact, there are no other snakes at all. The adder is also the only British snake with a poisonous bite. It can be found almost anywhere, but prefers sunny hillsides and rough open country, including high ground. In Ireland there are no snakes at all.
Most people regard snake bites as a fatal misfortune, but not all bites are serious, and very few are fatal. Sometimes attempts at emergency treatment turn out to be more dangerous than the bite itself, with amateurs heroically, but mistakenly, trying do-it-yourself surgery and other unnecessary measures.
All snakes have small teeth, so it follows that all snakes can bite, but only the bite of the adder presents any danger. British snakes are shy animals and are far more frightened of you than you could possibly be of them. The adder will attack only if it feels threatened, as can be happen if you take it by surprise and step on it accidentally or if you try to catch it or pick it up, which it dislikes intensely. If it hears you coming, it will normally get out of the way as quickly as it can, but adders cannot move very rapidly and may attack before moving if you are very close.
The effect of a bite varies considerably. It depends upon several things, one of which is the body-weight of the person bitten. The bigger the person, the less harmful the bite is likely to be, which is why children suffer more seriously from snake bites than adults. A healthy person will also have better resistance against the poison.
Very few people actually die from snake bites in Britain, and though these bites can make some people very ill, there are probably just as many cases of bites having little or no efforts, as there are of serious illness.
41. Adders are most likely to be found _______.
A. in Scotland and nowhere else
B. in wider parts of Britain
C. in shady fields in England
D. on uncultivated land throughout Britain
42. We are told that British snakes are ______.
A. afraid of human beings
B. poisonous including the adder
c. dangerous except the adder
D. friendly towards human beings
43. Which of the followings statements is Not true?
A. The adder is the only poisonous snake in Britain.
B. In Scotland there are no other snakes except the adder.
C. Snake bites seem more dangerous than they actually are.
D. People's attempts at emergency treatment are utterly unnecessary.
44. When will the adder not attack you?
A. when you try to catch it
B. when you are some distance away from it.
C. when you happen to step on it.
D. when you try to pick 
45. If an adder hears you coming, it will usually _______.
A. attack you immediately
B. disappear very quickly
C. want to frighten you
D. move out of the way


21题:Part Ⅴ Writing
Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition based on the following outline (given in Chinese).The suggested title is: Private schools in China.You should write no less than 150 words for your composition.
提纲: 1.私立学校在中国的兴起。
2. 私立学校可能带来的好处。

22题:You ()this exercise in written form. I'll give you the key.
A. don't need doing
B. needn't doing
C. don't need to do
D. needn't to do


23、24、25、26、27题:About 50 years ago the idea of disabled people doing sports was never heard of.But when the annual games for the disabled were started at Stroke Mandeville,England in 1948 by Sir Ludwig Guttmann,the situation began to change.Sir Ludwig Guttmann,who had been driven to England in 1939 from Nazi Germany,had been asked by the British government to set up an injuries centre at stoke Mandeville Hospital near London.His ideas about treating injuries included sports for the disabled.
 In the first games just two teams of injured soldiers took part.The next year,1949,five teams took part.From those beginnings things developed fast.Teams now come from abroad to Stoke Mandeville every year.In 1960 the first Olympics for the Disabled were held in Rome.Now,every four years the Olympic Games for the Disabled are held,if possible,in the same place as the normal Olympic Games,although
they are organized separately.In other years Games for the Disabled are still held at Stoke Mandeville.In the 1984 wheelchair Olympic Games,1604 wheelchair athletes from about 40 countries took part.Unfortunately,they were held at Stoke Mandeville and not in Los Angeles,along with the other Olympics.
The Games have been a great success in promoting international friendship and understanding,and in proving that being disabled does not mean you can't enjoy sports.One small source of disappointment for those who organize and take part in the games,however,has been the unwillingness of the International Olympic Committee to include the disabled events at the Olympic Games for the ablebodied.Perhaps
a few more years are still needed to convince those fortunate enough not to be
disabled that their disabled fellow athletes should not be excluded.
31. The first games for the disabled were held____after Sir Ludwing Guttmann arrived in England.
A.50 years 
B.21 years 
C.9 years 
D.4 years 
32. Beside Stoke Mandeville,surely the games for the disabled were once held
A.New York 
D.Los Angeles 
33. In paragraph 2,the word “athlete” means____.
A.people who support the games 
B.people who watch the games
C.people who organize the games 
D.people who compete in the games 
34. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A.Sir Ludwig Guttmann is an early organizer of the games for the disabled.
B.Sir Ludwig Guttmann is an injured soldier.
C.Sir Ludwig Guttmann is from Germany.
D.Sir Ludwig Guttmann is welcomed by the British. 
35. From the passage we may conclude that writer is____.
A.one of the organizers of the games for the disabled
B.a disabled who once took part in the games
C.against holding the games for the disabled
D.in favor of holding the game for the disabled 

28题:Could you()me by passing me the book?





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