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1题:In view () rising labor cost, many companies have turned to automation.
A. of
B. for
C. to
D. that

2题: Stunned by what had happened,the old man stood rooted ¬¬¬().
A.on the spot
B.to the spot
C.on the ground
D.to the ground

3、4、5、6、7题:Heroin addictions today is found chiefly among young men of minority groups in ghetto(犹太人区)areas.Of the more than 60,000 known addicts,more than half live in New York State.Most of them live in New York City.Recent figures show that more than half of the addicts are under 30 years of age.
Narcotic addiction in the United States is not limted to heroin users.Some middle-aged and older people who take narcotic drugs regularly to relieve pain can also become addicted.So do some people who can get drugs easily,such as doctors,nurses,and pharmacists.Studies show that this type of addict has personality and emotional problems very similar to those of other regular narcotic users.
Many addicts admit that getting a continued supply is the main object of their lives.An addict's concentration on getting drugs often prevents continuing an education or working at a job.His health is often poor.He may be sick one day from
the effects of withdrawal and sick the next day from an overdose.Statistics show that an addict's life span may be shortened by 15 to 20 years.The addict is usually in trouble with the family and almost always in trouble with the law.
Some studies suggest that many of the known narcotic addicts had some trouble with the law before they became addicted.Once addicted,they may become even more involved with crime because it costs so much to support the heroin habit.
Most authorities agree that the addict's involvement with crime is not a direct
effect of the drug itself.Turning to crime is usually the only way to get that much money.The addicts' crimes are nearly always thefts or other crimes againstproperty.
Federal penalties for illegal narcotics usage were established under the Harris
on Act of 1914.The Act provides that illegal possession of narcotics is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.Sentences can range from 2 to 10 years for the first offense,5 to 20 years for the second,and 10 to 20 years for further offenses.
Illegal sale of narcotics can mean a fine of $20,000 and a sentence from 20 to
40 years for later offenses.A person who sells narcotics to someone under 18 is refused parole and probation,even for the first offense.If the drug is heroin,he
can be sentenced to life imprisonment or to death.
21. What is the topic of this passage?
•  How to cure a drug addict.
B.Heroin and narcotic.
C. The harm of the drugs and the antidrug measures taken by the government. 
D.The American laws. 
22. An addict cannot continue his eduction or work at a job,because of____
A.his concentration on getting drugs
B.his personality
C.his emotional problems
D.his stortage of money 
23. According to the author,how can the addicts get the money for drugs?
A.Borrow from their families. B.By hard working.
C.In an illegal way. D.The author doesn't mention it. 
24. According to the author,who can get narcotic easily?
A.Government men. B.Medical workers.
C.The minorities. D.The Jews. 
25. A person who sell heroin to a kid can be
•  fined $20,000.
B. sentenced to 5 to 20 years in prison.
C. sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison.
D. sentenced to death. 

8题:It was said that some slaves were buried()in the funeral.


10题:To the waitress' relief,the plate was left()after being dropped onto the floor.

11题:Our plan should be()in accordance with the changing situation.

12题:The wording of the communication suggests that neither side ()their relationship to deteriorate.
A. want
B. wants
C. wanted
D. would want


13题:Would you please____your radio a little?I am trying to read.
A.turn out 
B.turn off 
C.turn down 
D.turn in 

14题:Could you()me by passing me the book?



16题:The husband survived his wife().
A.for many years
B.by many years
C.during many years
D.in many years

17题:The Hotel____$100 for a single room with bath a night.



19题: Every people here is allowed to have his____at the meeting.

20题: Fire is()in water.

21题:The factory was____owing to the shortage of raw materials.
A.shut up 
B.shut out 
D.shut down 

22、23、24、25、26题:By far the most common snake in Britain is the adder. In Scotland, in fact, there are no other snakes at all. The adder is also the only British snake with a poisonous bite. It can be found almost anywhere, but prefers sunny hillsides and rough open country, including high ground. In Ireland there are no snakes at all.
Most people regard snake bites as a fatal misfortune, but not all bites are serious, and very few are fatal. Sometimes attempts at emergency treatment turn out to be more dangerous than the bite itself, with amateurs heroically, but mistakenly, trying do-it-yourself surgery and other unnecessary measures.
All snakes have small teeth, so it follows that all snakes can bite, but only the bite of the adder presents any danger. British snakes are shy animals and are far more frightened of you than you could possibly be of them. The adder will attack only if it feels threatened, as can be happen if you take it by surprise and step on it accidentally or if you try to catch it or pick it up, which it dislikes intensely. If it hears you coming, it will normally get out of the way as quickly as it can, but adders cannot move very rapidly and may attack before moving if you are very close.
The effect of a bite varies considerably. It depends upon several things, one of which is the body-weight of the person bitten. The bigger the person, the less harmful the bite is likely to be, which is why children suffer more seriously from snake bites than adults. A healthy person will also have better resistance against the poison.
Very few people actually die from snake bites in Britain, and though these bites can make some people very ill, there are probably just as many cases of bites having little or no efforts, as there are of serious illness.
41. Adders are most likely to be found _______.
A. in Scotland and nowhere else
B. in wider parts of Britain
C. in shady fields in England
D. on uncultivated land throughout Britain
42. We are told that British snakes are ______.
A. afraid of human beings
B. poisonous including the adder
c. dangerous except the adder
D. friendly towards human beings
43. Which of the followings statements is Not true?
A. The adder is the only poisonous snake in Britain.
B. In Scotland there are no other snakes except the adder.
C. Snake bites seem more dangerous than they actually are.
D. People's attempts at emergency treatment are utterly unnecessary.
44. When will the adder not attack you?
A. when you try to catch it
B. when you are some distance away from it.
C. when you happen to step on it.
D. when you try to pick 
45. If an adder hears you coming, it will usually _______.
A. attack you immediately
B. disappear very quickly
C. want to frighten you
D. move out of the way

27、28、29、30、31题:T[ornadoes,whirlwinds,and watersprouts are rotating funnel cloud air masses of small diameter.They are differentiated by the intensity of their rotation and by
the surfaces that they traverse.Though tornadoes and whirlwinds both travel over land masses,whirlwinds are atmospheric systems smaller than tornadoes.Watersprouts are tornadoes that form or pass over a water surface.A tornado is a powerful vortex or “twister” whose rotational speeds are estimated to be near 300 miles per hour.The first visible indication of tornado development is usually a funnel cloud.As this funnel dips earthward,it becomes darker because of the debris
that is forced into its intensifying vortex.Some tornadoes give no visible warning until their destruction strikes the unsuspecting victim.Tornadoes often occur in groups,and several twisters sometimes descend from the same cloud base.The forward speed of a tornado is normally 30 to 40 miles per hour.In the short time that it takes to pass,a tornado can cause fantastic destruction.There have been cases reported in which blades of straw were embeded in fence posts.
31. How are tornadoes distinguished from whirlwinds?
A.Whirlwinds rotate in a different direction than tornadoes do.
B.Tonadoes travel over land and whirlwinds over water.
C.Tonadoes are larger than whirlwinds.
D.Only tornadoes are funnelshaped. 
32. Why do tornadoes appear to be dark?
A.They occur only at night.
B.They are funnel-shaped.
C.They pick up debris from the ground.
D.They are water-laden. 
33. According to the passage,which of the following behaviors is frequently
characteristic of funnel clouds?
A.Descending from different cloud bases.
B.Occurring in isolated areas.
C.Lasting a long time.
D.Occurring in groups. 
34. According to the passage,some tornadoes take people unaware because they__.
A.produce a sound similar to thunder.
B.cannot be seen until it is too late.
C.look so much like other clouds.
D.carry so many large pieces of debris. 
35. The author refers to straw embeded in fence posts in order to show __.
A.where tornadoes occur.
B.who makes reports about tornadoes.
C.when tornadoes take form.
D.how tornadoes affect physical objects. 





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